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what’s human?

a multidisciplinary exploration of the human entity, ethics & emotions in the digital quake

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  • What makes man human?
    What does a human need to be human?
    Are there limits to the human condition, limits of the human being?
    What will become of man? What should become of him?


  • everything is in question?
    everything is possible?
    do we know more than ever before and less than ever before?
    do we win or lose everything?

Being human

  • as the root of transhumanism and posthumanism?
    as an unshakeable foundation?
    as a task? As a value? As goal?
    as something once was?

Freedom, individual, dignity, emotion

  • a discontinued product, inversely proportional to knowledge and technology?
    programmable, pre- and externally determined?

I believe it is important to ask questions about the growing potential of technology – (self)critically and with passion.

The medicine of the coming decades makes people unsusceptible for diseases. The willingness and the knowledge to program the building blocks of life at will dissolves all biological boundaries, including the limits of what life means itself. Needs and emotions are soon controllable parameters. Everything alive, all making, all thinking, all creativity is analyzable, reproducible, automatable. What was, meaningless to what is, what is, meaningless to what will be. Everything is atomized, replaced, renewed – without burden, history, anchor. Everything possible. All purpose in itself. Optimization as a value, as a goal, as a perpetual motion. Is each of these developments good or not? We have not even found real answers to these questions…

More than any people before us, we have the responsibility to take responsibility. To speak, to ask – in any languages, in any place. To act – literally by all means. With text, art, research, with politics – with reason and much more, with a human heart.

It’s about freedom. About being human. Both are in question. Maybe some answers will not please. Do we not want to know everything because freedom and humanity are then not possible? Future can not be stopped and as history has shown, not even slowed down. The vehicle moves without ceasing – but it can be steered or at least guided.

What makes man human? And what will become of this human being as an individual and as a society in the light of disruptive changes? What do we want? We, who we do not even understand ourselves, in our emotional chaos and microcosm and who will soon be able to analyze and change every atom of our body and electron of our mind? In my work, discussions and lectures I address this question, and I want to sensitize – to the challenging symbiosis of people, society, technology, life and synthetics, paired with the irrationality of life and emotions.