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25. February 2018

There is no greater attraction and fascination for me than the creativity of people and the one I can observe within myself. The ability to create something out of itself or to feel an emotional reaction, while experiencing the space of the infinite, the inexplicable, the immaterial for a brief moment. The eyebrow of a statue, the shape of the doorknob in a film sequence, the singer’s facial expressions as active art – the branching of a tree, the shadow of a dancer, the moss at the bottom of a stone in a river in the glint of sunlight as passive art – it’s this detail of a “work”, a performance, a stage set, a scene in the film, a stone figure – the expression of pure emotion, as well as the unwanted, unexpected, the self-arising and the perception by a human being – both are expressions of man’s elemental power: to perceive, to feel, to express. Creativity, the gift of creating something is inherent in every healthy person, because there is no valuation, and no goal in the actual creation process. Only courage. Courage to start without the need to fully anticipate the result. Routine is craft, planning a tool – both are needed for the realization of a work – but the creativity takes place outside of a fixed framework, otherwise it ends up as a repetition, otherwise it is fatigue and no force. Creativity is above all perception of outside and inside world. Courage is necessary because the creator, the creator, does not perform the expected and therefore has no certainty about “success”. He can only muster the courage to be himself. To this courage of a few, the survival of civilization is due. New was discovered, questions asked and emotions, the human, the human power became visible.