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– Philosophical Master Class – Transhumanismus – eine Einführung
– Gentechnik, Bionik und Cybernetik – vom
Humanismus zum Transhumanismus
– “Knockin’ on heavens door!” Affe – Mensch – Cyborg – Gott? – Transhumanismus und die Evolution der Menschheit
– Transhumanismus – Utopie oder Dystopie (Radio)
– The future of OD – humans need not apply?


M. has studied technical cybernetics and computing & information science in Germany and the UK. He works part-time as a technology consultant, has founded tech and fashion companies and is active in political/cultural/artistic projects. When digging deep into science, research and humanistic/technophilosophical debates, he’s mostly engaged in topics which pinpoint the growing gap between technological advancements, dualistic conservatism and the unreasonable human soul. He was the founder of the transhuman party in Germany and is a critical writer, speaker and artist addressing human emotions and values in times of artificial intelligence, nano-neuro-bio-psychology, technoprogressive social societies and the digital quake. If anything, he is a fighter for freedom, authenticity, humanism and empathy. He has lived in Italy, Switzerland and the UK and is currently moving from Stuttgart to Berlin, Germany.

M. started first experimental works, visualisations, performances and installations, trying to find a common language with artists, students, decision makers, interconnecting in addressing the challenge of the probably most important question in the 21st century in the face of unlimited knowledge and means: What´s (it, that makes man) human?

“There are only two fundamental forces – entropy vs. energy conservation – or name it bravery & love vs. fear”

“That the fear of error is the error itself” (Hegel)